Nikon Toolkit


Dealer Education

The camera market has become increasingly competitive as technology advancements have made it easier for manufacturers to sell based on new product features, rather than overall quality. With only consumer-facing materials to work with, Nikon dealers lacked the fundamental product knowledge needed to successfully distinguish between potential customers and complete the sale. Recognizing that this issue was creating inconsistent sales tactics, we recommended that Nikon dial up the dealer focus.

We conceptualized a "toolkit" designed to help educate dealers about identifying, selling, and upselling customers, as well as turn them into brand ambassadors. The toolkit included a pocket guide, swatch book, customer guide, product cheat sheets, a Wi-Fi guide, and "fun facts" card. We empowered dealers with the knowledge and brand pride to speak proficiently about Nikon's products, in order to provide customers with the best solution for their photography needs.

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